Batman Do It Again



“every superheroes movies start with a dark opening…” – Lego Batman

From the beginning until the rest of the movies, you’re gonna laugh with a light humor that this movie was presented. With the same background from the original Batman or even sometimes make a joke from it, Lego Batman Movie is one of the comedy genre that is worth to watch.

This story is telling us about the anti social, big ego, and ambitious of Batman who finally have to change his personality for the sake of Gotham City. This movie also showed about the up and down relationship of Batman with his famous nemesis, Joker. Beside, Joker, there was also several super villain from other movies which could make you laugh out loud. Complete with moral story, this movie is really suitable for kids. Although this movie has a lot of action scene, however, this scene is not going to have any violence. In fact, all action scenes are packed with a great jokes

Beside of being great with the story line and jokes, unlike any other Lego’s movie, the animation kinda flat and need to improve. Maybe, in the future, Lego’s movie need to be improved in terms of animations.

3.5 out of 5




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